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The HBD 1300 1H is an Open Frame CNC machine to drill, glue and insert dowels with a 1300mm (50”) working field. The center and side fences are indexable in order to process up to an 8’ length piece in two cycles. It has a cycle time of approximately ONE second for each bore, glue, and dowel insertion when holes are on 32 mm intervals. The OMAL “SURE SHOT” revolver system guarantees a dowel is inserted every time!
The OMAL Laser System: The parametric laser is able to automatically measure the part, populate the list for the part’s width and calculate all dowel locations for the part. With the Auto-start Sensor option, the HBD can run parts in any sequence without calling up the program and the machine senses the panel therefore, there is no need to push the start button.
The OMAL Sure Shot System: The dowel insertion revolver holds a dowel while a second dowel is inserted. Using a fiber optic sensor, the machine verifies the next dowel is present to prevent miss feeds. With the glue gun piggyback system, the glue is inserted just milliseconds before the dowel is inserted. By checking that the glue needle moves back via an inductive sensor on the back of the glue gun body. The OMAL “SURE SHOT” system guarantees glue and a dowel is inserted every time! 
Large Robust Clamps: Six clamps are standard on the machine so the operator does not have to adjust the clamps for any size part. With 2.75in x 5.635in, ~15.5 sqin of clamping surface and dual activating pistons for proper hold down for parts ranging from 1/4" to 1.75" in thickness. The double clamps will hold panels either vertically or horizontally for edge or face processing on the HBD 1300 and 1550. 
Open Frame concept: The selection of the loading zone (left, left center, right center, or right) is executed by CNC and automatic, based on the size if using bar coding. The center and side references are excludable on the 1300 (51” work table). This means that you can process up to a 8’ panel using alternate referencing on the 1300 or 10’ using the 1550 frame! 
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