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formula str 32 - str 62
All the machinery in the formula range are certified and guaranteed by SCM. The standard formula rustication units/brushing machines are the ideal solution for rustication processing that highlight the hardwood vein or to sand the surfaces of cupboard doors/details in solid wood and veneered or MDF panels. They are available in "r" versions with steel and Tynex® brushes, dedicated to the rustication of solid wood or in "I" versions standard fitted with abrasive insert brushes and inverter controlled motors for surface sanding.
Perfect finish 
The double operating unit allows to obtain the request finish in a single passage.
Effective extraction system 
The large diameter exhaust hoods grants an optimal dust extraction.
The best adherence 
thanks to the rubber belt with vertical grooves.
Operating units lifting 
by means of handwheels and numerical readout.
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