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The traditional ultraviolet sources produce an intense infrared radiation that causes overheating of the irradiated substrate. Thanks to a device designed and perfected in Superfici laboratories, it is able to filter the emitted UV radiation, eliminating most of the infrared component. The result is a cold UV light that can be used with any type of heat-sensitive material, the system is called Coldcure.
QUALITY: High reflector focal length mod. Labes, developed by Superfici to ensure high concentration of UV irradiation in wide versatility applications.
FLEXIBILITY: Coldcure system, supported by the development of a special UV PLUS module, allows the reflector orientation in 3 different working positions: 
1. Downward orientation - for direct irradiation of the panel surface. 
2. Coldcure position - for a "cold" polymerization. 
3. Stand-by position – active in case of transport stopping, with lamp feeding automatically brought to 50% of the power.
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