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stefani XD
Designed for the industrial production of both identical and different batches and for intensive use even beyond the daily working shift. Due to its versatility and with working lengths up to 9 meters, every type of production can easily reach cost-effective machining with the possibility to customise finishing quality, performance requirements, flexibility levels and any other useful aspect for production and market requirements.
stefani xd: production in step with changing times 
The manufacture of furniture fittings with the most sophisticated design and the use of any type of contemporary materials (acrylic, aluminum edges with a protective film, High Gloss materials, sanded or un-sanded wood and laser edges), allow a production capacity that is always adaptable and in line with the trends of the furniture market.
SAV€NERGY: high attention to cost savings 
It provides a reduction in the annual consumption of kWH up to 9% and removes up to 98% of chips generated with the annual saving of edge bandings up to 20 km, depending on the utilisation of the machine.
MULTIEDGE: only a few seconds to switch machining 
Automatic changeover is performed in a few seconds with no need to wait for emptying or stopping of the machine. The high level of automation for the mortises to be made and the management of edges of different types and sizes, reduces the time of switching processes and maintains always at high levels the technical availability of the machine.
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