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stefani one
stefani one is a High End single-sided edgebander designed for large industry and for extra intensive use. Modular lengths of up to 16 meters grants the performance of complete and customized processes for edgebanding of soft-forming components, J-Shape, Doors and Tops with the use of materials for the latest generation finishes. High productivity and low operating costs are guaranteed by the wide range of Heavy Duty working units. Thanks to the specific design they can process any kind of production mixture at the touch of a button.
Moover handling system 
The production flow is always guaranteed thanks to moover automation. 
Once the operator has inserted the panel, the approach and insertion into the edge bander are completely automatic.
BarCode/QR Code reading 
The reading system with the machine learning function allows continuous production without distinction among Batch 1 or mass production. 
No need of downtime for changeover of panel size, edging thickness, ornamentation and glue type.
stefani xd 
Designed for the industrial production of both identical and different batches and for intensive use even beyond the daily working shift. Due to its versatility and with working lengths up to 9 meters, every type of production can easily reach cost-effective machining with the possibility to customize finishing quality, performance, flexibility levels and any other useful aspect for production and market requirements.
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